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ABC 7 WLJA interviewed artists from “Play” - Michele Colburn, Lea Craigie-Marshall, Monica Pages, and upcoming artists in “Protection,” Michael Crossett and Margery Goldberg! Elizabeth Ashe got to talk about what it feels like, as an artist, to curate an exhibit. — I believe in all the work here so much, I’d be giving my space to others if my work were in the show! And I’ve loved meeting GVP activists! Expect to see it on the news, Channel 7 Monday, 7/1!

"Fundzine," Fundred Zine Workshop - Make Fun Zines and Learn about Lead!



Do you know there’s an invisible chemical element, lead, that was widely used in paint and plumbing in housing and public buildings and still places millions of kids at risk of poisoning? Even at low levels of exposure, lead can affect brain development and cause learning disabilities, lowered IQ, behaviour and attention problems, hearing damage, nervous system and kidney damage.

Sounds dangerous, right? It can be prevented!

Join us at the Fundred Reserve Open Lab for the 3rd Fundzine Workshop and let’s TALK, EAT, and MAKE ZINES! We encourage open dialogues and creativity; we will present and share materials, but you’re also welcome to bring any written or graphic materials about LEAD ISSUES, CHILDHOOD HEALTH ISSUES, CLEAN WATER ISSUES…and, of course, the FUNDRED project, for making your zine!

YOU, and your Fundzine, will become a new interpretation of the Fundred Project in addition to the existing artworks, videos, animations, and be collected and displayed in the Fundred Reserve Open Lab and online through the Fundred website and social media. By #Fundzine, you and your friends could view zines you made from the workshop and obtain knowledge about the Fundred project from various approaches.

We’ll see you there!

Presented by Fundred Dollar Bill Project

December 17
1-3 PM
Location: H-Space