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ABC 7 WLJA interviewed artists from “Play” - Michele Colburn, Lea Craigie-Marshall, Monica Pages, and upcoming artists in “Protection,” Michael Crossett and Margery Goldberg! Elizabeth Ashe got to talk about what it feels like, as an artist, to curate an exhibit. — I believe in all the work here so much, I’d be giving my space to others if my work were in the show! And I’ve loved meeting GVP activists! Expect to see it on the news, Channel 7 Monday, 7/1!

Visiting Artist Sheldon Scott Presents New Curricula For Social Change

image from @fundreddollarbillproject

image from @fundreddollarbillproject

from Fundred Reserve Open Lab...

The Fundred Reserve Open Lab is proud to present a performance and discussion from Sheldon Scott, a member of the first Halcyon Arts Lab Cohort. Sheldon is examining bias in educational modules, subtleties in language that transmit bias and solution-based approaches for the creation of more equitable educational environments. During the event, Sheldon will examine language by doing a reading of The Story of John Henry. Creating and fostering empathy in the educational environment is a value shared by the Fundred Reserve Open Lab. We invite you to contribute stories, teaching experiences or just come to witness.

Sheldon Scott creates performance-based artwork which plays in the intersection of race, economics and sexuality while impugning the mythologies of Black Male Supernaturality. His project explores pedagogy in American education, namely the canon of early childhood development, and seeks to give the audience the space to rethink American curricula and over a platform to engage reform.


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Saturday, February 24, 2018
1:30 PM  3:00 PM