Fundred Reserve Open Lab

Open Lab Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3-6PM


Operation Dates: October 2017-April 2018
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Project Sponsors:
H-Space is provided by Hamiltonian Artists.
All programs are funded by The Kresge Foundation as part of a multi-year grant in partnership with MIT CoLab.


Project Goals:
The Fundred Project recognize everyone’s capacity to create art and social change. The Fundred Reserve Open Lab at H-Space will serve as a hub for collaborative engagement, working towards solutions to childhood lead poisoning, through youth led activism workshops, partnerships with local universities and high schools, creation of zines, social media campaigns, art exhibitions and a regular community conversation series with invited speakers from multiple sectors. An open call to the community will also contribute to programming.


Project Description:
Fundred Reserve Open Lab at H-Space is an extension of the Fundred Reserve exhibition held in Spring 2017 at The Corcoran. The Lab builds on nearly a decade’s participation in the Fundred Project and expands the program while continuing to amplify personal stories, have fact based dialogue about problems in DC, and engage more people to take purposeful action. During its six-month run, The Fundred Reserve Open Lab at H-Space will host a variety of activities and youth led initiatives for research, communications, and action designed to build relationships among a wide variety of stakeholders. 



A Brief History of the Fundred Project

"While visiting New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2006, artist Mel Chin learned about the silent storm of lead contamination that had been plaguing the city and the rest of the country for decades. 

Hundreds of thousands of children were being exposed each year, with far reaching consequences that played out over lifetimes. Recognizing the scale of the problem, he saw that existing resources were inadequate to respond. 

Mel believed that children could be part of the solution. Children and families now have the Fundred Dollar Bill Project. Through individual drawings, their voices can be tangibly represented in a powerful call for a lead-free future. "

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