Unconfined: Printmakers Breaking The Mold

Unconfined: Printmakers Breaking the Mold

Operation Dates: June 9- July 31, 2018

Featuring the work of:
Matt McLaughlin, Melissa Ezelle, Nilou Kazemzadeh, Taryn McMahon, Elle Friedberg, Clara Cornelius, and Gretchen Schermerhorn

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Project Description:
Unconfined is a group exhibition of printmakers pushing the boundaries of traditional printmaking practices beyond the realm of the precise edition. With an emphasis on community engagement and to introduce a new audience to various non-traditional printmaking techniques, local printmakers including artists in the show will offer a series of printmaking workshops throughout the run of the exhibition. The seven artists featured in the show explore printmaking as a tool for art rather than a means for reproduction, rejecting the meticulous, inflexible, and often stuffy methods and habits that are required for the machine-like precision of traditional printmaking. Unconfined showcases works that are not editionable; artist proofs, one-off monoprints, unframed and applied directly to the wall, dimensional, deconstructed, and recontextualized. In many cases, they even challenge how a viewer might experience a print by taking a traditionally two-dimensional medium and exploring it in a sculptural context, encouraging the viewer to walk around it, hovering it off a wall so it may respond to a breeze, or responding directly to the architecture of the space.


Project Goals:
Running concurrently with the show, artists featured in Unconfined as well as other local printmakers and educators will offer workshops meant to meaningfully engage the community in contemporary printmaking practices through hands-on instruction. This provides the rare opportunity to see how the work that fills the space was made and the process of doing it yourself. Workshops focus on methods that don’t require extensive equipment and presses but also give an introduction to more extended, more intensive classes that are offered at local print centers where the artists teach on a regular basis. Workshops include woodblock printing, screen printing, inkodye on fabric and paper, and zines. 

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